Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanting Weight Loss

My boys hear me talk all the time about weight loss and how much I want to work out, be careful what I eat, and lose weight.  Well, it was one of those nights where I showed them some clips online of the Biggest Loser and some of the stuff they had to go through to lose weight.  Well, Chaz went and put on a head band and him and Ryan got to work doing push ups in their bedroom.  They kept coming out to have me check their muscles to see if there was any improvement.  Ha ha!  So they just want to show you here.  I don't know.  Do you think they should be the next Biggest Loser?  I personally think they can put on some pounds. 

Today, Ryan was playing on the trampoline. When he tried to do a flip he landed on his head.  Well, his chin went into his chest and bruised it.  It was causing him a lot of pain and so I took him to the children's hospital just to make sure everything was okay.  Turns out that he is just bruised and it'll take a week or more for the pain to go away.  We LOVE the trampoline but we've had a few accidents with it.  Yes, it has a net but so far this is the third injury.  The doctor told that most of the accidents come from there being no net and kids falling off and getting a broken arm.  This is major entertainment for my kids so I would be sad for them if I took it away.  Since there is a net, I won't for now. But goodness. He said another big accident prone device causer is the ATVs.  He said he gets TONS of kids in the ER because of that. I know my little cousin and her father were in ER with bad concussions, with broken collar bones and he had to have his ear sewn back on.  I asked if it made a difference that kids ride the ones meant for them but he said they still have lots of injuries from it.  Hmmm..... We have talked about taking a trip to the Zion National Park again in Utah.  That is one of our favorite things to do but I'm just not sure about it since the injury statistics are so high. 
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