Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ran Out of Gas!

Tuesday night is always our library night and we look forward to it every week.  Once we ate dinner, we headed out.  I looked down at the gas gauge and noticed it was getting low but not too bad.  We would just get gas after we left the library because I needed to make it in time before the cafe closes there.  It's my favorite part of going there.  They have free wifi too but that's not why I go.  I go to get away into the land of books.  Not into more computer.  So on the way there I notice the van sputters a little.  I thought maybe I need to check the oil but I remembered that Charles put oil in it the day before.  I looked at the gas gauge and it was fine.  So we kept on our way driving to the library.  When we are just a few blocks away, the van sputters and stalls.  I am able to pull over in time to a side street.  We couldn't believe it.  I looked at the gas gauge. I was just hoping that there wasn't some serious van problems.  But when we tried to turn the van back on, it showed the gauge where it actually should have been.  Below the red line!  What???  No wonder we ran out of gas.  Gas gauge got stuck for some reason.  So this young guy walks right next to our van and says he has a gas can.  He lives a mile away though so Charles left with him and they walked there together.  We didn't want to wait in the van for a couple of hours so we got out of the van, held hands and prayed and walked the rest of the way to the library to get in the warm building.  I had six kids with me so I was nervous with the big street right there.  I have a couple of clutzy kids and I was scared they'd trip and fall in the street.  Sure enough, a couple trip a few times but I had them between me and the wall, away from the road.  I was freezing because dummy me wore shorts and a tshirt.  I thought I'd be going straight from warm house, to warm van, to warm library.  When we finally got inside the library, all my kids started thanking God and praising Jesus for keeping us safe.  It was so cute.  LOL.  Poor Charles walked for an hour and half in some really uncomfortable shoes and got blisters in order to get gas can and get it to the van.  It was really cold outside too.  When he finally got back to meet us at the library, it was closing.  Poor guy!  The kids and I had fun reading books together while waiting for Charles.  They have a toddler section with puzzles and toys so they can entertain themselves while you read.  It's such a calming place to be and we love, love going there.  After we got home, we went to our house alarm to punch in the code to turn alarm off.  For some reason it wouldn't work and the alarm just kept going off.  Nothing we did would work and it's really loud!  Finally we had to rip it out of the wall, no joke.  At that note, I got in a hot bath to relax and calm down after such an odd night.  Thank goodness for Charles that I wasn't alone when we ran out of gas.  There was no phone or gas station for quite a ways and I would have been trying to take six kids with me to get to one.  He's my knight for sure.  (Next time, honey, we'll just have to be more careful).  :D

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