Monday, December 07, 2009

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary!

Guys, I totally forgot to mention that Saturday was our 11th anniversary.  I woke up to a dozen rozes next to my bed with chocolate and a card.  Charles got up real early to get it before I woke up. I wasn't thinking we were gonna go on a date because we hadn't planned anything and it's so hard to get a sitter with 6 kids.  The last time we went on a date was for our 10 year anniversary.  My husband surprised me with tickets to IMAX to see a little Christmas show.  It was so cute!  Then a dinner to the Hyatt where he first proposed to me.  It's a tall building with a restuarant on top that slowly turns so you can see the whole city by the time you finish eating an hour later. It goes really slow so you can hardly notice it turning.  Otherwise I'd barf.  Ha ha.  I got my original dish that I chose before.  Salmon and tiger shrimp.  My mom watched my kids so that was great!  I felt so bad because things took longer than we thought and we showed back up late.  Thank goodness for my mom's patience. :)  The picture I took from the restuarant isn't that great because I took it with my cell phone.  I wish I had my camera.  It was a beautiful and cold night.  :D

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