Monday, December 28, 2009

12 Kids Christmas

Did you guys have an awesome Christmas?  Ours was smaller this year but we were happy to be able to visit with my sister and family from South Africa.  We all went to my mom's house and had a good time.  Just between Jodee and I there were 10 kids.  It was loud and fun!  Her kids are so funny and we were all laughing.  One of my nephews is good at doing impressions.  He was even immitating the Chipmunks.  Finally when my other sister showed up with her two kids, we tried to get a picture with them all together but Caleb was crying.  My mom has a condo so the dinner table was stretched all the way into her living room.  I love having a big family! 

It was hard getting pictures and any good ones we got, some kids accidentally got cut off in the frame. So here are mostly silly ones.  LOL.

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