Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can We Get An Award For Numerous Visits?

Chaz had gotten a red bump on his arm a month ago and it just kept growing and growing. Well, one day is started bleeding. It bled so bad Chaz started freaking out. We all were because there was blood everywhere! No joke. We couldn't even get it to stop. We went to the ER and they had to burn it and then send us to a specialist to have it removed and sent out for a biopsy. Since this family never separates for any reason, we all crammed in the little room as you can see! :) Caleb was in back of stroller and hidden to keep germs away. We have come to the ER so many times that I'm surprised we don't have some sort of an award on the wall. I don't remember what that thing is called on Chaz's arm but it's a long word. I can tell you that.

Chaz's boo boo below.  Or you can call it an ouchie.  That'after it got burned.  It bled every day and when it got bumped, it would start to bleed again really bad and soak his blankets. 

Also!  Wanted to let you know about a giveaway HP Touchscreen giveaway!


Anonymous said...


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yowie!! Is this growth going to come back, or will he get others? Hope he is ok.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chaz. I hope that everything works out with that and there are no more sheet to wash. Poor little guy!

Love that the family goes everywhere together!!

Chris H said...

YIKES! Poor kid, I hope he's all better soon.