Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Think I Can!

I started working out gain.  Not the same ol' usually workout.  I'm applying a much harsher workout on myself and I do it five days a week  verses how I used to only workout 2-3 time a week at best.  Biggest Loser said obese people have to work out at least 1 1/2 every day to keep the weight off once they get it off.  I'm not obese but I figure if I work out everyday I will have a good chance of losing some weight.  I have 17lbs to lose.  It's really annoying because I can't fit any of my clothes.  So I was excited to finally be back at the gym.  I LOVE to workout.  So last night I RAMMED my foot into one of the kitchen chairs.  My whole foot went really warm for awhile.  So now I have it wrapped and I can hardly walk on it.  NOT GOOD. So tomorrow I will be working out on the bike instead.  My foot isn't gonna take me down, darn it!  I hate having something always get in the way of working out.


Kerrie McLoughlin said...

good for you. just be careful ... if your milk supply drops, fatten up again! that's my plan!

shannon said...

Granted, I have just 'met' you via blogger, but I have to say, you look wonderful wonderful, and the beauty of a new mom is evident to everyone around them!
But I know exactly what you mean, wanting to lose the extra weight. I struggle with the same thing every time I have a baby. I just recently asked a friend of mine when the whole 'baby weight' excuse expires, and she said since I am pregnant again, I was in the clear. But in truth, I was hoping she would say about 3 or 4 years after childbirth ;)
Best of luck to you, and if you need any encouraging, just let us know and I am sure you'll get a bunch of pep talks!!!

Virginia Revoir said...

I know Kerrie! That's what I'm worried about. I have a really awesome Medela double electric pump that I use in between feeding to increase my milk supply. It seems to be working. As worried as I am about that I also hate being overweight more than anything. I can't even tell you how crazy I get about it. It bugs me. I'm refusing to buy clothes for myself just because I can't fit into the ones I already have. So it's either lose weight or wear the same things over and over. Ha.

Shannon, thank you! :D I know he's only two months old but I guess I can be too hard on myself. I love having babies, just hate the weight gain. I only gained 6lbs this last pregnancy. I wasn't dieting so I don't know why I gained so little. But, I had not lost the 15lbs from my previous pregnancy before this one.