Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Think I Can!

I started working out gain.  Not the same ol' usually workout.  I'm applying a much harsher workout on myself and I do it five days a week  verses how I used to only workout 2-3 time a week at best.  Biggest Loser said obese people have to work out at least 1 1/2 every day to keep the weight off once they get it off.  I'm not obese but I figure if I work out everyday I will have a good chance of losing some weight.  I have 17lbs to lose.  It's really annoying because I can't fit any of my clothes.  So I was excited to finally be back at the gym.  I LOVE to workout.  So last night I RAMMED my foot into one of the kitchen chairs.  My whole foot went really warm for awhile.  So now I have it wrapped and I can hardly walk on it.  NOT GOOD. So tomorrow I will be working out on the bike instead.  My foot isn't gonna take me down, darn it!  I hate having something always get in the way of working out.
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