Monday, December 14, 2009

Chores Without Whining

My pastor says we're as lazy as we dare to be. I believe it. 

My kids on a daily basis tell me how hard their chores are.  It's actually really easy.  BUT.  They make their chores SO much harder because they make such big messes.  For example:  Ryan's chore is to clean the living room, make his bed, and make sure all kid shoes are in the basket.  Easy breezy.  They make such big messes so it makes their job harder.  Chaz's chore is to feed the dog, make his bed, and put clothes in dirty hamper.  Well, if they put their clothes in the hamper rather on the floor, that chore would be nonexistant.  Kyle's is cleaning kid's table, making sure there is toilet paper in the bathroom, cups are put away in sink (because they are plastic), and put toys away.  Ivy is just responsible for her room.  On and on.  I think those chores are really fair and easy for them to do but because they make such huge messes throughout the day, some of those chores become much larger.  That's when they get upset.  They think they are working too hard.  Well hey, I asked them if they want to trade chores with me cleaning the kitchen, cooking, dishes, laundry, mopping, teaching, making a zillion appointments, etc.  They were like "no thanks."  I think my kids have it good and they even get chore money after they finish their Saturday chores.  I think whining is a big no no so we made the rule that during chore time, there is no talking aloud and they are given 30 minutes and these chores are done twice a day.  Once at 10am and then at 5pm.  What do you guys do in your family?  I love ideas.
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