Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baaaaaaaad Day...Sigh

              I had a bad day yesterday.

A really bad day.

Just a bad one in general but I'll highlight one portion of it.  I was cooking dinner and Caleb was crying.  I figured that I could go change his diaper real quick why dinner is on the stove.  So I took off his diaper and was wiping him down when he peed all over his face.  He just kept peeing and peeing while I was trying to block it.  So I set down his pacifyer, which is soaked in pee, on the changing table and I rush him to the tub.  He's screaming because I was stripping off his clothes real fast and giving him a bath. Well, he hates baths.  I look up and there is no towel.  I'm in the kids bathroom and since they never put their towels back up I had to yell for one.  Poor little Caleb, I was trying to keep him warm.  Ivy runs in with a towel and I smell dinner burning.  I wrap up Caleb and go to look for his binky so I can put him down and rescue dinner.  Well, the binky (pacifyer) is no where.  I finally just hand Caleb in a towel to Charles (with no diaper) so I can rescue dinner.  I find that dinner is ruined so I go to find the binky and it's in Ashley's mouth!  She saw the binky on the changing table and she grabbed it.  I hadn't had a chance to clean it yet!  I grab it from her and go clean it.  Well, I didn't have time to make more food so we just ate french bread and salad.  The other part of the dinner that wasn't ruined.  Then we had to get ready for church.  Something else really bad happened after we got back from church.  I don't even want to talk about it.  In fact, any time a person with 4, 5, 6 or 20 kids complains, someone will always say (or think), well, that's what you get for having all those kids.  I'm sticking my tongue out at them right now.  :P
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