Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating For CHRISTmas

I love decorating for CHRISTmas although I didn't really feel like doing the lights outside this year. :P I don't really feel like risking a ladder fall. I have to admit though that I love heights. So that part I'll miss. I love walking all over my roof and looking around the neighborhood. Gosh, now that I'm talking about it, I kind of feel like getting the ladder just to sit on the roof. How fun. Anyhow, the kids had tons of fun and although we have a tiny tree, the kid had fun putting bulbs on. We don't have any glass ones because it's no use. By the time Christmas comes, the toddler of the family has tested them all out. Now they just bounce. Works for me.


momto9 said...

What cute pictures! The sana baby is adorable:)

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos. There is something special about a newborn at Christmas I reckon.

Daddy Forever said...

Those are really cute photos of the little one!