Thursday, December 03, 2009

Parental Oopsies

I found these on Awkward Family Photos and I can relate to these oopsies.  I've done a few of my own.  Aren't we supposed to protect?  We usually do but... the other night at church I was holding the baby carrier and I couldn't see little Ashley so I was turning around with the carrier Caleb was in and saying "Ashley? Ashley?"  THONK.  "Oh, there you are."  I felt like bad as I bent down to give her a hug.  I didn't know she was right under the carrier and I thonked her in the head with it trying to find her. 

Or I've done the one where I am coming in from the garage where my washine machine is and I open the door right into one of my kids as I'm carrying in laundry.  They have quickly learned to just stay clear of the door and I have learned to open the door SLOWLY.  I've just taken too many pictures where there is an egg on my kids' head.

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