Sunday, January 11, 2009

Study Day #9

CARDINALS WON LAST NIGHT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! It was an awesome game. It was raining too. I hope they won't have to play IN New York because that will be hard for them. They are not used to that type of weather. Oh man. We'll see what happens. Being that I'm still in the study, we were all sitting in row of sofa chairs to watch the game.

Last night I called my husband around 7pm or so to see how he was doing. I can't remember the time exactly. He didn't answer. I thought, Okay, maybe he went somewhere. Then I called every hour after that. Finally it was 11pm and I started to panic. Before I had called him around 7pm, I had just spoken with him and he didn't say he was heading anywhere at all. So I was totally panicking and was sick to my stomach. Maybe one of the kids broke their arm? Got really hurt? BADLY? ((Shudder)) My thoughts when WILD. I called my parents, my friends, his friends. No one heard from him. Mandatory bedtime is at 11pm for me so I just sat up in bed with wide eyes for an hour and a half. I couldn't sleep. Finally I snuck out of my dorm and went to the phone. I called at 12:30am and Charles picked up. I had woken him up. I said, "Are you guys okay?!" He said right after I last talked to him his mom called and said they could come and visit her. I never thought to call his mom because he rarely goes over there. Plus he never stays out late with five kids. Oh man, it took awhile for my heart to stop beating so fast and relax. I just took a deep breath and exhaled. I was able to go right to bed and fall asleep peacefully. Man, oh, man. Talk about being a worry wart.

Tomorrow is my last full day!! The next morning, on Tuesday, my hubby can pick me up. Whoo-hoo! What am I gonna do? I'm gonna go pull the boys out of school, take them to the zoo, go to Chuck-E-Cheese and just celebrate!! I missed them all! :D Today is an easy day so the only thing required out of me is to make it to Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. (Man, I feel like I'm in daycare. LOL) The hard days can be very exhausting, you even get woken up in the middle of the night. So on the off days, I sleep while I can. After breakfast this morning I went straight back to bed for 3 long hours. Dreamt that Charles forgot to feed and give my chickens water so they were all dead. I think I woke up crying. Embarrassing. After that I took an hour long shower again and just relished it. :) Today is a good day.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

OK one more day! Last day of not having to do dishes and housework! YAY!