Monday, January 12, 2009

Study Day #10


Well almost. Just another really long and exhausting day today and I can go home in the morning exhausted. I almost wish I could rest before going home so I'll be a chipper mommy but that's okay. I'll leave after breakfast. Today we are up from 5:00am 2:00am the next morning. so, naturally that's all why we nap the next day. I can handle today because tomorrow I'm gonna see all the little loves of my life and kiss my hubby again. :D Yay! I know Mrs. C that I will have to do dishes again, but that's okay. LOL. Well, um, maybe.... but still! (And do all the meals again, laundry, housework, garden, chickens, etc, etc...) But, ohhh, I get to squish my little sweet baby Ashley again and see her smile. Life is good!

It's been interesting hearing stories from people (those that speak English which are few) or people open up to me about things. If there had been more English speakers, I could've really made some friends because there is a lot of bonding time here. I have to say though, that in the dorms, we somehow manage to communicate. :) I've tried to learn some phrases. Girls are doing each other's hair. We are showing each other family pictures. I just can't talk with them. I feel like a cave man where you just nod, grunt, and smile. You just point at things and stuff. Must be how they felt. Ha ha...

I think we are all beginning to get really silly today because we know it's our last day. I'm playing lots of pranks like the good ol' days. LOL.

You know, guys are beginning to scare me. I was really sheltered growing up. I didn't understand guys and what they really wanted for real. Now, watching (from a distance) the guys that are here, just observing them and their interests. They are always on Chat with some girl, sometimes 5 at the same time. I'm sure they are all thinking they are the only one he's talking to. Then when a music video on the TV would come on, they would all rush over and watch it because of the slutty way the girls are dressed and dancing around. Sheesh. I yelled over to them that they are all a bunch of perverts. That was great. LOL. I've always wanted to say that. When they were chatting online, I walked up to one of them and said, "so which girl are you lying to now". Ha ha.

Today I wanted to weigh myself but since we are not allowed to use their scales, I waited till they were behind a pole talking to each other so I could jump on the scale. Yeah, I was happy! I've lost 5lbs. Whoo hoo... I can't wait to get back to running again. We're not allowed to exercise here and I feel like a lazy pig.


Chris H said...

YOu lost weight and didn't exersice? Now that's just not fair! Pfffffft.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ickkkk. Which girl are they lying to now?? (Yeah, who's REALLY the cave man??)