Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Study Day #5

I got to see my family today!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY! To TOP it off, I was talking to Charles on the phone, greatly missing him. I told him I wish I had bought some craft stuff to do while I was here. Like bows for my daughters. He said he would go to the ribbon store and pick up some for me. My HUSBAND....was willing to go into a fabric store, pick out different colors of ribbons. Yeah. Shocking. A guy. Plus he had my two little girls with him. While he was going back home to await my call, the leader of our study asked us if we all wanted to go outside for a bit. We all perked up and we were real excited. Another lady here was expecting her husband who was gonna drop off some movies for her and pass it to the security guard. Now she had a chance to see him and her twin boys. Just so happens, he showed up while we were outside. I saw Maria hugging and kissing her little boys. She had to do it through a barred area. We weren't just free to go into the parking lot. I was so excited that I might get to see my husband and kids also. So hoping. After awhile I called from a cell and he was at home. He said he was waiting for me to call him before he came by to drop off the stuff. I told him I missed the chance see him. I said we would only be outside for maybe another 10 minutes. Charles hung up the phone, grabbed the kids, and flew down here. The only thing is we had to go inside right after I hung up. My heart was broken. 10 minutes later, the leader, Pete, told me he would take me outside to see my family by myself. I hurried to the door but he led me to the front instead where I could actually be outside. Right then Charles pulled up with the kids. I ran to him and he picked me up. We just hugged and hugged. We were so happy. My kids ran up to me. I even woke Ashley up in her carseat, took her out, and hugged and kissed her over and over. We just all hugged. Oh man. I can't even began to explain the emotion. I've only been gone 4 days but it has felt like eternity. We only had about 10 minutes and then I had to leave because Pete wasn't supposed to let me out front like that and didn't want to get caught. Charles passed me the crafts and some pajamas. We hugged one last time and I went back inside. I waved and waved from behind the glass. Oh, my heart!!! I can't wait to hold them all again. Once I got inside, I went to a table and I opened up the bag of purchases. Oh man. Charles spoiled me. There was so much ribbon, little flowers, butterflies, clips. Everything to make totally beautiful hair bows. More than I asked for. I worked on making them for 3 hours straight I was so happy. Some girls came up and watched. They loved the bows and asked if they could buy them. I said no. :) These were for my little girls. I made about 14 of them and then put it all away. What a wonderful day today has been. So, so, so wonderful.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

*sniff* Oh, how sweeeet!!! Not long now!