Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet Scooby

It seems we rescue a lot of dogs and then find homes for them. This one is a keeper though. The last dog we rescued was a starving black and white small Chihuahua. It took me some time catching him and taking him home so I could care for him and then find him a home. Unfortunately he escaped before I could completely care for him and put some weight on him. You can tell he has had some abuse. This dog I just bought is a Miniature Dachshund. He is so precious and little! He wasn't rescued, we just were looking for a healthy small dog and I happened to pass by a sign saying they had some puppies. We are having so much fun as I have never had my own puppy. Usually every dog we have had was a rescue dog. About 90% of them. It is nice having a healthy little pup with no past issues. :) I will continue to rescue dogs though and find homes for them as I am able. I know, I'm a big sucker for animals. Ask my mom. I used to rescue little birds when I was little. :D Also, animals have always been good for kids. It's a great opportunity to teach them how to care for animals and being gentle. Oh, these are such cute pics. Ivy is pushing Scoobie in the stroller. I have to add that he loves it. He always goes to sleep when she does that. Last night Scoobie was crying and kept wanting me to hold him. I mean, he is 6 weeks old and I just took him from his mother and other puppies. So I wrapped him in a sling on me and he instantly went to sleep. That's the picture you see where he is passed out on my bed. I just took the sling off and laid him down. Ha ha!

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Dachshunds are the best!