Saturday, January 03, 2009

Study Day #1

I can't say what I'm studying but I will be here for ten days. It's something that's already on the market and is safe. This is my first night here. We have internet, games, bunks to sleep in. I can only eat what they give me and sleep when they tell me. LOL. I'll be away from my precious babies so that'll be the hardest. So I thought I would keep a log or a "Blog" of my ten days here. It pays $2,200 so it's definitely worth it. Especially with my hubby looking for work right now. The money is helpful. Another hard thing is that I'll be away from church. Away from my husband. :( I have my blogging and I'll have some time to actually read some blogs also and catch up. :) So, I'll blog here everyday so talk about how things are going. (It's like being in Jail but you have more privileges). LOL.


Chris H said...

I hope you actually enjoy your time there, the money will certainly help. I hope you hubby gets a new job soon.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Well, if you can't say what you're studying, my mind is going to make all kinds of crazy things up. You've seen Firestarter, right? :]

Wow to catch up on all the blogs, see all the YouTube videos I want... not have to do housework...

LOL Mayybe not. Maybe Charles will save some laundry for you when you get home. :]

Don't forget to come visit me on your rounds! I've missed ya.