Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Bible Study

Tonight was nursery duty for me during bible study. So off we went into the kids bedroom with the few little kids we had. Don't get me wrong, we picked this bible study because of the larger families that go. Mandi as 5 kids, Claudia has 5, I have 5, plus sometimes there are other kids there. So even though there are only about 3 couples that go and some single people, there are a lot of kids. LOL. The kids greatly outnumber us! There were only 7 adults there tonight but there all together we had 15 kids. LOL. So that's why we love going there. There is already such a pressure from people in general about "tying your tubes" so I like to go where I feel encourages otherwise. That children truly are a blessing from the Lord. :) Anyway, the kids and I had fun in nursery. There were lots of gigging and being silly. When we all were getting into the van, Ashley sat in my seat and I buckled her in making her think she's gonna ride next today. She was pretty serious about it too. Thinking that she was. So I grabbed a pic. Ha ha...
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