Sunday, January 04, 2009

Study Day #2

It's Sunday Morning and I'm missing my kids. Especially my little Ashley Rose and her sweet little gimmicks. I miss you padding over to me in her jammies and motioning to me to hold her in my arms. I miss seeing her in the morning in her crib when she first wakes up smiling at me. So happy to see me. ...And it's only been one morning away. Sniff...

On the bright side! I have to find the positives here. :D I don't have to cook, clean, change diapers, and... I can take long showers. I have a schedule so I can sleep in between, curl my hair, play with my make-up. I can play on the internet, blog, catch up on my friend's blogs, email my friends. I won't be able to snack here so, maybe lose a pound or two. Yeehaw. I don't get to keep up on my daily exercising so I won't be able to do that. Maybe I can walk in circles. Ha ha... No, we are not allowed to exercise. Basically we have to veg. Okay, I can't tell you what I'm studying, but here's a hint. I'm sure I won't get a headache the whole week. It's nothing that's never been used before. On the market all over the world. Just not in U.S. but the U.S. just has to approve it. In fact, a lot of people here used this medicine all growing up. So, nothing dangerous. I would never do it otherwise. I do get a total of... are you sitting down?? I get a total of 103 blood withdraws within 10 days. I wake up at 5am every day and have breakfast at 5:30am. Lights out at 11am. But really, it's no prison here. We have all kinds of stuff to do. A guy next to me is typing on the internet. A guy on the other side of me if watching Sunday Sports. Another group is watching movies, a group of girls behind me are chatting in chairs, some others in their dorms. The problem is there is only one person who speaks English that is a study participant. He's a guy. Being that I'm married, I don't cozy up to other guys so my conversations with him are brief. These studies are much coveted and I beat 80 others to the position since they are only accepting 14 people. I was the 14th one accepted. God has totally cared for us in the last few months. Things have come through. Other studies I have done earning a good amount of money (though much easier than this one) so I can't complain. Just this study alone will pay 2 1/2 of my mortgages so I will actually be ahead. Not bad for my husband who is looking for work still. :D He is doing contract jobs here and there. They are few but we are doing well. God is taking care of us and I am amazed. Something always comes through.

So for breakfast (at 5:30am I should add) we ate eggs, toast, banana, cereal, and milk. Not bad. Some places actually have their food catered so I'm not sure if they do that here. Either way, I eat for free. I don't have to do the dishes. I do however call my husband often because I miss him greatly. He is my best friend and I feel like half of me is missing.

Just a half hour ago I took a loooooooong shower. It was weird. I kept wondering if a kid was gonna knock on the door. Or someone call for help. :) It's like being single again. But it's all the more reminding me that I love having a family and kids. I was very lonely as a single person living in my own apartment. I worked hard for the little money I made. I love having a live in best friend who loves me for who I am. My precious five kids are in my heart and the sparkle in my eye.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Wow, yeah, breakfast and no dishes is good. But *103* blood draws doesn't sound good to me. I'm one of those people they have to stick three times before they get what they want out of me. :[