Monday, January 26, 2009

DDDDDanger of the Net Covered Trampoline!

Here is how Chaz had his last injury. On the trampoline. LOL. Someone told me, "well, maybe you should watch them closer". Um, yeah. I should've jumped with him on the trampoline and held his hand. He hee....
This is Chaz for you. Ever since he was little he can't just sit next to someone, he has to always lean into them and knock them over. It's a total Asperger thing. Fortunately these kids thought it was funny. :) Oh, you see the weeds? I'm trying to convince my husband that if he doesn't kill them now, we will so all be eaten by them.

Such a beautiful sky! Wow!

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Anonymous said...

My first thought when looking at your picture of the beautiful sky was the rapture.

Your rapture video speaks volumes too.

Praise God for your boldness to unashamedly proclaim being a Christian who loves God and is a conservative republican who loves (now retired) President Bush!

I'm a retired homeschooler and stumbled across your blog from an Autism list online (I'm an Aspie).

I'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.

I'm enjoying your pictures you've got on your blog! Thank you for sharing them.

I'm looking forward to browsing through you blog more now that I've found it!