Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Study Day #4

Today has been a much better day. It's definitely a tougher day. Every other day is like that. But we're learning to just see the bright side. I got up at 5am, ate at 5:30am. I tried to doze in between when they call us back which is every hour. After four till midnight it's every half hour. So anything you do has to fit in between. It's hard to catch access to one of the two computers so you have to hop on it fast. :D It automatically logs you off every half other though so you lose whatever you're doing. So I type fast. The things going on around me are a Spanish TV station to my right. To my left is a group watching a Spanish movie in a different section. They seem fascinated by horror movies so I stay away from that area. LOL. Not really into that stuff. Weird. We just at a semi-delicious dinner of pork chops, potato, salad, roll, and ice cream. It's 5:30pm but it's our last meal till tomorrow at 8am. Today has been a pretty peaceful day. It's been great communicating with a couple of English speaking people. Earlier some people came in from another study. I found two girls who spoke English and we all had such a good time for a half hour talking. Once they left I went back to wondering around to find something to do. They have some 80's movies sitting around at a separate station. I'm leery of them because I know they have nudity in some of the 80's ones. Shockingly. I just try to read at times or sit quietly in my bunk area. :) I do wish my friend Angela had been accepted so I had someone to talk to at meal times and other times. I call Charles and my kids about 4 times a day just to spend some time talking with them. Right now I'm wearing my plush robe my husband got me for our 10 anniversary and it's so comfortable. I think I'm getting spoiled!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yeah, you know you're getting a little too bored when you give details on the food and what's on TV LOL!

And descriptions like semi-delicious... Do you have a camera on hand? B/C I need to see "semi-delicious" in pics!

Chris H said...

Sad you are bored and lonely... but think of the money! It's not for long... and ya won't get a headache!