Thursday, January 08, 2009

Study Day #6

Even though I'm studying something that prevents *headaches*, I have a headache. Probably because I need to be drinking more water with all those blood draws. I've lost 4 lbs with the healthy eating we have here so that is GREAT! Especially being that I'm used to doing Wii Fit everyday and I can't do it here. I can't even exercise. I've been going into my own corner a lot and working on stuff, such as making my girl's hair bows, or working on a puzzle. There is usually movies going on around me in different spots and I generally don't want to see them because a lot of movies are full of filth. It's easy to get away though, other corners to go to with things to do. This is one of the hard days so I'm pretty tired. I reported to them that on the dosing days, I'm pretty itchy. So they woke me up from a much needed nap to get more info from me. Ohhh, I was sleeping so deep and it was my only chance! ARgh. :P One of the workers who (who isn't here everyday) I generally don't like because she tends to talk down to people and when she draws blood, she looks around her and talks to people which makes the needle move while in you. I never like anyone that talk down to others. I don't know, maybe she doesn't know what it's like to be the subject of mocking. Like people who have always had money. They don't understand certain things about people who live paycheck to paycheck. They've just never been there.
I'M SO TIRED! Can't go to sleep till 11:30pm though so I just gotta stay awake. I long to be barefoot or in my socks again. When I go back home on the 13th, we are gonna take our kids out. All of us together and just be together. :D I can't wait.

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