Monday, January 05, 2009

Study Day #3

Today is a relax day. We do nothing other than wake up, eat 3 meals a day, and totally veg. It's like being in a resort. Tomorrow however will be totally different. I'll be up at 5am. It'll be another tough day like yesterday. Did I tell you I cried a lot yesterday? I missed my kids and my husband. Today I am feeling better. I just kept reminding myself that this is a total blessing. I'm being paid $200 today for doing basically nothing. I took two naps today. I took an hour long shower. Seriously, I didn't want to get out. The lights even went off because it had a sensor after so long and I had to keep throwing something towards it to turn it back on. The food isn't great here because it's in house. They don't cater at this one. I always eat my food though because by next feeding time, I'm so hungry. I never waste it. Today I got to tell someone about Jesus and talk to him for awhile. He really responded. I got to share Jesus with one of the doctors another day too. He really responded also and shared some things with me. It's such a refreshment to my heart because so many people tend to just shut you up right away. I've longed for this for awhile. A response, an open heart. I pretty much keep to myself since none of the other ladies speak English. I feel like a snob but I know they understand. They are all real nice, we just can't communicate. I found out that the reason they really go for these studies is because since they don't have papers, they can't hardly find work. So this is a way of making income for them. A lot of them have little children. I kept my mouth shut that I was one of the people that voted for stricter laws against illegals. Now, talking to them face to face, I hear a lot of their stories. My heart goes out to them. Although I believe in doing everything legal, the right way, I know why they want to come to America. We are such a blessed country. Americans tend to take it for granted, yet we have it so good here. Anyway, I'm on the bottom bunk in the dorms, thank goodness, because I'm afraid to fall off the top. LOL. Plus I have my laptop and I'd be afraid that would fall off. We've all created a way for some privacy by hanging up a blanket. We tuck the top of the blanket under the top bunk mattress and it hangs down covering our sleeping area. It's awesome! :D It's like my little hideout. How cool. Oh! I have to tell you that yesterday Charles brought me my own blanket and pillow from home. He brought me my fluffy winter boots and he left me a thank note for what I am doing. It made me so happy and warmed my heart. He is so thoughtful. I slept so much better once I had my own stuff from home. Plus he brought me better stuff to sleep in that was more comfortable. He wasn't allowed to see me so he had to pass it to the security to give me.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

You know, I really do feel for illegal immigrants also. Most of them just want a better life for their kids. The people who really, really steam me are people who hire them for less than what they'd have to pay an American, and then the worker doesn't pay taxes. How fair is that?

I guess if it's going to be like that, you could just open the border entirely and have everyone's wage be $3. Have you noticed that the people who are most pro-immigration are the ones whose jobs wouldn't be affected? Just sayin.

I think there's room for everyone, but the way things are set up right now it's pretty unfair.

And *wow* on the open doors to chat about Jesus. You know, I think it's the being in-house thing that makes it possible. If you were just passing these people on the Wal-Mart line you'd get blown off. They see how you live each day. So, even the food being in-house and stuff contributes to that living together feeling.

I'm so honoured to be able to read that someone is listening to the Gospel. I don't think I've ever "led" anyone to Christ. I see that same resistance you're talking about.