Thursday, January 29, 2009

Relaxing Night... And Dog Training Attempts

Aaaahhh... I love nights like this. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just time with my family. Tonight I was trying to train my Great Dane how to "Lay Down". Armed with treats, I walked out (by the nice fire) and told my dog to lay down. She sat down. You see, that's the only thing I've taught her. Okay. So we are half way there. I read that in order to help them understand, you grab their front paws while they are sitting and you stretch them forward onto the ground. Well, Daisy was NOT going to have it. Guess who ended up "Laying Down"? Yeah, it was me because I fell over trying to teach and wrestle him down. I wasn't sure if I should just give myself a treat. Daisy just looked at me bewildered and walked away. After several attempts and me putting my body on the dog (she actually walked away with me still on top of her) I finally got her to lay down and give her a treat. Charles the whole time was laughing his head off while sitting in a chair instead of helping me. I'm glad there was no camcorder around.

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