Friday, January 09, 2009

Study Day #7

Okay, boredom is really starting to set in. There are only two computers, two phones, one TV, and one TV for movies. Everything is always on the spanish station or a Spanish movie and usually the same two people are always on the internet. They are supposed to take turns sharing the different things but it's hard for me to speak up since I am only one fo two English speaking people here. So, it's really been tough at times to find anything to do. I found out they have better facilities right next door but when we are a smaller group like this, they keep us in here instead. In the other room they have two seperate large living rooms. One is for spanish and the other is for English. Plus they have way more computers. I've been losing a pound a day because of our healthy eating habits here. That is a plus! Ha ha. I found out the guys are going to be watching a Cardinals game tomorrow. Since they aren't rooting for the Cardinals, I'm purposefully going to wear my Cardinals jersey I brought with me just to tease them. Hee hee.... I love being a stinker. Seriously though, I don't care. But you know... I'm bored!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Por favor, puedo tener la computadora para un minuto?

Please, may I have the computer for a minute?

Can't hurt to ask. Hugs.