Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playful Day

Every GREAT now and then we like to just walk around the mall for no reason. (Although I did see a shirt I want for my puppy miniature dachshund. It says "Killer" on it. I'm going back to get it tomorrow. Hee hee...

I love watching the girls play together. :) It's just so sweet.

Ivy Joy. My princess! (who is right now (as I type) sneaking out of bed to go play with the little puppy. Naughty!)

You know how little girls are... they are posers! Do you know how hard it was to keep other little girls away while I was trying to take some pictures? LOL.

My little Ashley just runs to slides now since she had her first experience the other day. Now I think she is addicted. :D

"Mommy! Ashley is pulling my bow out of my hair again!"

"No, no Ashley. Leave your sister's bows alone."

No, that boy in the pic isn't mine. I have a good amount of them already. ((Chuckle))

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