Friday, May 23, 2008

Work Day With Daddy

Yesterday we decided to all pack up and go to work with daddy. He mostly does his electrical designing on the computer but every now and then he actually goes to the job site. Yesterday he had a job site at an outdoor mall so we tagged along!

I didn't know there would be a water area. I warned the kids that since it's windy, they might get cold, but they didn't mind. LOL.

Ryan was cold right here because it was windy! I had to tear them away from the water area so they could dry off before church. We ended spending the whole day going with daddy while he worked. It was nice!

I like this picture of the wind blowing through Ivy's hair and you can see Kyle in the orange shirt in the background. By the time we had to head to church, I had to hang Ivy's clothes out of our window to blow dry while we drove! Ha ha! We got funny looks for sure. Oh well. They were all nice and dry by the time we got there! LOL.
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