Monday, May 26, 2008

My Dad's 50th Birthday and Memorial Day Fun!

For my dad's birthday, which happened to land on Memorial day, we spent it at the Lakes. It was fun! It was a huge BBQ, swimming, and we rented our own boat.
This is just such a cute picture of Charles holding our youngest, little Ashley.
My boys had such wild fun on this slide. My dad dared Charles to go up on it too and clap his hands in excitement when he gets to the top, but Charles didn't go for it! LOL! So much for that. My dad would have given him $40 to do it.
I like natural pictures like this. This is my dad and little Ivy, my fourth baby.
My dad and I. Happy 50th Dad!
Tammy is not a snuggler as you can tell in the picture. Tammy is my older sister and she has two boys.
This is my nephew Kelvyn playing with my 8 month old Ashley.
Ivy looks dressed for the water but she doesn't like to get in it! She just likes the swimsuit fashion. She's real picky about it too.
My two nephews, my sis with Ashley and my Ryan on the boat we rented on the lakes. It was very pretty and we got to watch the sunset.
This was such a wonderful spent with my family and was much needed. It was such a beautiful day on the boat.
We took the boat over to the Island and let them run around a bit. I mean, where could they go? Ha ha. It's just a little Island. Real pretty though.
Yeah, this was one crazy boat. I'm telling you! LOL!
My mom and Ivy on boat.
This is my favorite pic of Charles and I on the back of the boat. It was very beautiful sitting back there watching the sunset.

Happy Memorial Day! Happy Birthday to my dad!
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