Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Golfing Fun!

Yesterday we went to our favorite fun golfing place. I went more just to see the kids try to miniature golf. LOL. It was so cute. Since it took awhile teaching them how not to hit the ball out into the parking lot or into the water, we only got halfway through the course. That's okay, because it gives us a reason to go back. Ha ha! Generally I don't like shooting games where you are shooting people in it but this one they are shooting alians! So, it's all good. :D This is such a cute picture of Charles helping Ivy to golf. She couldn't understand why she couldn't just walk up to all the balls and put everyone's ball in the hole. We had to keep chasing her away from the balls that we were trying to hit in. LOL! She thought she was helping. Ha! We all had fun with this picture. Thankfully my head was small enough to fit it. That way I'm not a "big head". What a family of gamers! It was just so much fun watching our little ones trying to hit the balls into the hole. By the time they started getting really good at it, they were closing and it was 10pm. We'll have to go back.
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