Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Here I Not!"

Yesterday we were all playing hide and seek (while Charles was trying to take a little nap). So we would all count to 20 and then say "Ready or not, here I come!" Well, I could never hide by myself because they would all follow me and before you know it, there are 3 kids hiding in the shower with me. We always get caught because they are either breathing loud or bumping into something. LOL! If we can make it to base before the hunter sees us, then even better. Running with 3 little elephants is tough since I'm usually tip toeing out of my hiding spot. Charles' version is much cuter because his is called "Saving the Princess". Something to do with turning off all the lights in the house and using light sabers. Anyway, the the whole point of this story is that when it was Kyle's turn (4 years old) to be the hunter, after he was done counting he said haltingly (trying to remember the words), "Here I Not....Here I Come!" I laughed out loud in my hiding spot so of course I got caught. Ha ha.

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