Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crawling for a Cause & Crazy Kids! Ha ha!

Note: Turn off music (under my profile) before watching videos if you like.

Crawling for a Cause

Here is little Ashley starting to crawl a little. She's not super fast (thank goodness) so she is a little frustrated here trying to get the prize. I had a good giggle. No matter how many kids you have, it is fun watching new achievements with each one! However, after the first one, I enjoyed the non-crawling stage the most. They can't get into anything! Now I'm back into inspecting the floor to make sure there is nothing a baby can choke on. Yikes!

Crazy Kids

My kids are so goofy! I love them, ha ha! It is fun having them home with me everyday. I don't want to miss a day of them growing up. Why should I give them to a school? LOL. I'm so privileged to have them with me. I'm a lucky mom
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