Monday, May 12, 2008

Conference Week

This past week was conference week at our church and so that is why I did not do much blogging. I had nursery Monday, Thursday, and Friday night and sang on Wednesday Night and Friday morning for the seminar. It was a tiring yet wonderful week. All the church come together in our fellowship and it is a time of encouragement and refreshing for the pastors coming in. It's just a week of seminars in the morning and services at night every night for a week. So of course, we helped out with their little kiddies. Here is one in the picture. He certainly was the fish monster (instead of Cookie Monster). Boy, could he eat! I was actually tired in that picture because it was the last night and it was extra long service because they were sending out new churches. They usually send out new ones to be started in areas where there are no churches. Praise God! So, this was a great past week.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

OH, LOL I do that with my shirt, too! It's called the "I'm bending over but I'm not wearing my turtleneck today" look. Other people just think you're saying the pledge.