Friday, May 23, 2008

Goofing Off

There has been a lot of goofing off around here! The boys were discovering the old trick making a midget person. (Or mini person I should say). I was doodling below while waiting in the car at one of Charles' job sites. Also, making this collage for the boys rooms instead of washing my dishes! Below is how my kitchen sink and living room should look like! (Get to work!) Living room is actually pretty nice. But it does look like once again one of my kids stripped in the middle of my floor. There had better not be a little naked person walking around here.... I'm gonna check!

P.S. When I took the picture of the kitchen sink, I was frustrated there that I couldn't make that sink shine. I did everything I could. Even Windexed it! Ummm... I'm not a perfectionist, (loud out loud, rolling on the floor) it's just that it was my sanitary thing of the day. Completely sanitizing the sink with Bleach, Cleaners, and Windex. Sooo, I was disappointed that was as shiny as it got. I'm gonna get some stuff for that!

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