Saturday, May 17, 2008

Amazing Grace History!

You should see this. Follow it all the way through. My heart absolutly breaks when I hear stories of slavery. My heart breaks even more now when I hear of any kind of racism whatsoever. Why????!!! Where did anyone get the notion that any one race is better than the other??? Where in God's Word (The Bible) would anyone find this? God said all men are created equal. So, this video really touched my heart. My heart just cried watching it. This is very precious to watch. I am glad God made us all different! I'm glad we all have our own unique fingerprints! I'm glad there are different skin colors, different cultures. The world is so much more interesting, fun, and beautiful to explore. Why would anyone want to all look the same as the other? God didn't make a mistake when he created any one of us.

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