Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chore Charts on Trial

Here in this picture the boys are helping mommy with a meal. They love to cook, and since I told them they can all be chefs and take over for mommy someday, they are happy to oblige. But.... there is the other side. Regular chores. (You can almost hear the theme music from the movie Jaws here). How do you motivate without nagging or just getting frustrated? So, we have this (positive reinforcement) chore chart in trial at our house. You can see for yourself at Easy Child and it goes by your child's age. Pretty neat. Okay, this is the funny part. My kids started out their day a little rough. As soon as I hung the new chore chart up and explained it to them, they instantly were finding ways to redeem themselves for negative points they received earlier in the day. Chaz came in while I was working and he said, "oh mom, my room is totally clean." After daddy and the boys came back from the park, the boys went straight to the showers (which is 3 points), brushed their teeth (1 point), and read one of their Phonics books to their little brother (1 point). Ha! I was like, this works!!! I didn't have to remind them. As they get older, the chore chart changes to adjust to their age. Of course I tailored it a little. This is just too great. So, of course they'll redeem their points at the end of the week for money. Don't worry, it's not very much! Little guys don't need a red hot convertible for a prize to be motivated. I added things such as "Behavior at church", "Reading to their little brother or sister", "Homeschooling", etc.


You have to read this. This is so funny. Your Chores or Mine? I was chuckling my way through it. Such a great idea. I am totally implementing it.

Do you have great ideas to share with me? I would so love to hear them!

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