Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Reasons My Parents Are My Heroes!

1. My mom and dad loved me through the thick and the thin. Believe me, I was not an easy kid, or a teen for that matter.

2. They stayed married. In this day and age, that's a miracle. Everyone thinks their love life is supposed to resemble a soap opera.

3. My mom and dad raised me to understand that nothing in this life is more important than our relationship with Jesus Christ. They helped me to understand that there is a difference between "believing there is a God, and having a relationship with Him."

4. My mom and dad loved me and they both worked so hard. I was lucky enough to have a mom be a homemaker all my life and my dad was an extremely hard worker on his job. I never ever heard him complain, even though I knew he was exhausted. That amazes me.

5. When I was a teen, I ran away a lot because I didn't get my way, so my dad would drive around looking for me even though he had to get up before the sun. They always welcomed me back with loving arms and didn't yell at me when I came back, even though I was out of my mind at times. They had grace. I had already knew what I did was wrong.

6. My mom would find ways to make us costumes for halloween and get creative when we didn't have enough money to buy one.

7. I remember I would wake up really hungry in the middle of the night as a kid, and I would go up to my mom's bed to ask her for a sandwich. She would get up without a word and make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk without complaint. She knew I was just going through growth spurts.

8. My mom and dad would take us on outreaches every Saturday so we could share our faith with others. To tell them about Jesus. I learned boldness as a child and not to be ashamed of my faith. Jesus said to tell others about Him and my parents showed us how!

9. They've bailed us out of our own stupid mistakes time and time again. If I were my kid, I'd be like, "You're outta here!" Ha ha.

10. My mom knows that if am grouchy, it's just because I'm hungry. She'll make me something to eat because she knows that's all I need. Then I'm back to being a happy camper!

11. I would wake up in the middle of the night as a child and tiptoe into the living room so I could see my dad before he left for work. I would rarely tell him I was there but when I tiptoed into the dark room, I would see my dad on his knees praying. During the day I would see my mom in her chair reading her bible.

12. It amazed me time and time again that although my parents have been betrayed, talked about whether because of circumstances in life or just because someone has a bone to pick... time and time again they stood the test. They never gave up their faith. They never threw in the towel. They didn't spread rumors in return, they only forgave. They showed me what forgiveness really means. They could've gotten angry back many times, but they didn't. They just respond in love and with kindness. Sometimes people don't understand that what they might hear of someone is a lie. They taught me that you don't always have to defend yourself. Just give it to God.

13. And finally... but not lastly. My parents are my Heroes because they CARE. They care if I'm sad, they care if I have exciting news, they care if I'm sick, they care if I'm broke, they care if I just need a break. They forgive me when I'm overly sensitive, grouchy, or just plain moody. When it comes down to it, they will be there in an emergency or just a time of need. How could I have gotten so lucky? Thank you God. Boy, I'm sure blessed.

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Colleen said...

What a great post. Seriously. It is so neat to hear about people talking about their parents like that. They should be proud. WTG! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for loving parents! Good for you for taking the time to express your feelings.

Happy TT!

Chelle Y. said...

That is so sweet! You are blessed to have such wonderful parents.

Darla said...

What a nice tribute to your parents, who sound wonderful! You are definitely blessed.

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful daughter!!!

My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.

siteseer said...

you are lucky indeed and not just because you have great parents, but because you can recognize that fact.