Sunday, January 03, 2010

Silence of the Elevators

The paternoster lift was first developed in 1884 and there are a few still being used today. The system consists of a continuous chain of cabins moving at a slow speed without stopping - when you reach your floor you ’simply’ step off the lift while it’s still moving. Even if you miss your floor and get to the top of the chain the cabin will stay vertical and lift you over the top where you will start to descend on the other side.

Why is it that we can't talk in the elevator? I'm just wondering.  I've been paying more attention and actually trying out things on the elevator.  Today was kids eat free at Ikea so guess where we went?  My kids LOVE Ikea.  Well, it has a big elevator and as we are all waiting for it, everyone around us was talking. As soon as we all stepped into it and the door closed, it got silent.  I mean really quite.  I looked around me to see what the expressions were on people's faces.  I noticed that people are looking at each other but as soon as they are caught, they put their eyes down.  I smile at them but not a squeak out of them. Today I tried laughing out loud at something to maybe get someone to ask what was funny.  Not sure what I could have made up at the moment but maybe it could have been something like "Oh nothing, I just love all you guys and want to share my infectious joy with you.  Lets all group hug."  Not really.  So I tried saying a line to Charles so maybe we could get into a conversation.  I couldn't even get Charles to really respond.  Just a "hmph....yeah."  I just want to start singing out loud like "We go together like rhamalamalama,dinky da dinky dong!"  It goes something like that.  Not sure.  I would love to be an elevator person that is hired to go up and down with everyone.  Just to brighten their day.  Ask them how they are doing.  SOMETHING.  My goodness people.  Next time I will ask someone how their day is.  Maybe I'll start telling them about Jesus and how much He loves them.  Or maybe compliment someone on an outfit they're wearing and ask them which thrift store they got it from.  Just kidding.  I bet that would get them talking though.

 “which floor sir?”…”um, the bathroom please.”

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