Thursday, January 28, 2010

Walking With God

There is no longer any grass in the yard because of winter and I don't want to plant any winter grass so the kids are finding their own things to do around the yard.  On this day they were looking for buried treasure.  Ryan found a really old canteen.  It does look old!  Well, anyway, that was treasure to them.  The yard looks so barren now but that'll soon be fixed since we are relocating our vegetable garden and putting it in more visable places.  Soon chickens will also be around but NOT near my garden this time. 

Last night I couldn't go to church and I was so sad that I just sat in my living room for a sec and cried.  I love church.  I love praising God and I love hearing more about Him.  After awhile I grabbed my bible, the kids and the study book  I  asked them to each sit on a cushion of the couch as if we are sitting on chairs at church.  I asked them to show me how quiet they could be.  6 little ones under the age of 9 is not easy but it's possible.  I told them that we all have some obedience issues we need to work on.  I told them that we were going to study some things about God in our study book (Growing with Jesus).  We learned about jealousy and how it affects others and how it affects our own heart.  We also learned a little more about who Jesus is.  We sang our own worship songs and did prayer requests.  My heart had been heavy because each child has their own area of weakness.  Their own need.  Their own walk with God is different for each one and they are in different places.  Chaz truly loves to be close to God and he prays and reads the bible.  Ryan is just not there yet.  Often he asks me why God doesn't answer his prayers.  I asked him yesterday what kinds of things he was praying for.  He told me about toys he wants or he'll ask God to make something magically appear.  I had to sit and explain it a little better to him but he takes it like, "Well, God isn't that powerful then."  So I've been praying for Ryan in this area.  Chaz and Ryan are 8 and 9 so they are thinking more about deeper issues than their younger siblings.  Parenting can be complicated.  I care about their souls of course.  In the end, after we all talked and prayed, I felt much better knowing that at least we had bible study together. I have to be stronger and I have to work harder to be a good example to my children in my faith and walk with God.  I'm glad the kids see me praying and reading my bible everyday because that's one way to show that it's more than just talk out of my lips. We need that personal walk with Him.  It's another reason why I'm so pleased with Switched On Schoolhouse when it comes to our homeschooling.  I absolutely love that no matter what they are studying, somehow the bible is put into it.  I really love the bible course they are taking!!  Chaz is learning so much and I just started Ryan on it last night even though he wasn't going to start it till 3rd grade.

I love this picutre out my front window of the clouds.  What beautiful days we have been having! 

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I too am very fond of liberating to just simply look up! xxx