Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Some days I'm full of energy.
Other days my mind is tired.
Some days I'm proud of what I've accomplished.
Other days I wonder where to begin.
Some days I think my heart is so clean
Other days I'm shocked by my own thoughts
Some days I love life
Other days I wonder when You're finally coming back.
Some days I wish I could have fifty babies
Other days I wonder what the heck I did to myself
Some days I devour your Word and hold it dear
Other days I have to fight my flesh just to pick it up
Some days I feel like supermom
Other days I feel so inadequate
Some days I love homeschooling
Other days I just want that yellow bus to pull up
Some days I get excited to make friends again
Other days I shrink back in fear from past hurts
Some days I feel like I could even love my worst enemy
Other days I find it hard to forgive even my spouse
Some days I am thankful for Your forgiveness
Other days I'm in awe of Your grace.
Some days You hold me in comfort
Other days You correct me out of love
Some day I get to see You
Some day ...

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