Sunday, January 24, 2010

Science Center

We took Chaz's friend with us to the Science Center and stayed for for 5 hours.  I LOVE learning stuff too so we all had fun there. 

I liked how this was blowing Ivy's hair back.  She was learning how to "fly a plane".  Man, this place is so cool.  It has four floors to experiment with all kinds of stuff.

This locomotive was so neat to see in the history area.  I wanted so badly to go inside and really look at all the history of what people used and stuff.

Check this out!  LOL!  As I'm taking the picture, I didn't see what Ashley, my two year old, was reaching for.  I caught her in the act!  After the fact. I did find out she touched it but thankfully got no pokes.

Chaz got to help out with exploring the digestive system.  Of course it all went to poop in the end. It was pretty darn cool so have it all explained and shown how our system works.  It was funny because toward the end he said, "So, what happens right when its passes through?" Something to that effect.  None of wanted to say it out loud.  So he said "Poop!"  Then named the other words for it.  Umm....yeah.

Chaz riding the bike on a tight rope way above me by the second floor.  Was so cool!  I would to have loved to try it.

This had us laughing and laughing!  Even funnier was what I noticed after I took the picture.  Ivy hanging on the railing.  It's not dangrous, it just looks like something my kids would do.  Going for a cactus or hanging upside on a railing.  You know, one time my first born touched a cactus at about that age long ago.  I told him, "Now Chaz, don't tough that cactus." Well, that was a mistake to say because of course he had to go ahead and try it.  His whole hand had sticklers in it. Whatever you call it.  They were so numerous.  I finally asked a nurse and she said to give him as warm a bath as possible and just let him play for a long time. His pores would open up and the sticklers would just fall out.  Totally worked.

Chaz's friend Seth on a bed of nails.


Chris H said...

Woo hoo! I learnt something today.. about the cactus pricks! Must remember that... ta!

Virginia Revoir said...

Yeah, lol! Hopefully that won't happen but now you know! :D