Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful, Dreamy, Rainy Day

I wish I could have rested more today. Maybe I should have. It doesn't rain here very often. When it does, we all think it's so neat it's hard not to keep looking out the windows. Heck, when it rains here, some schools even shut down. No joke. Being I homeschool, well, my school was open for the day. It was also my husband's night out with his friend so we were going to be alone tonight. Around the time it was to get dark, our power went out. I had just enough light peeking in that I quickly gathered the few candles I had and one flashlight. The kids were scared once it got really dark. We left a couple of windows open to hear the rain and there was a tornado warning. Well, the wind slammed our bedroom doors shut and it would make the kids scream. They kept opening the doors back put to have them only get slammed again. Finally, I shut the windows. When the power went back on, I very quickly turned on every light in the house. I hate the dark and I rarely have our lights off in the house unless we are gone. Anyway, I thought it was so beautiful outside and I knew our flowers just drank it up.

I love checking the mail every day but being that I'm barefoot everyday, I ran out quickly here to check my mail in the rain.  You can't see the rain in the picture.  Only in the puddles which I so wanted to splash in.

Yesterday wasn't rainy at all but all my kids had conspired and did something naughty yesterday so they were grounded from the backyard today.  I know, torturing not just them but also myself.  My kids will play outside for hours!  Well, with how windy it was today with heavy rains, it turned out that I wouldn't have let them out their anyway but they didn't know that.  They were begging me to go out and I reminded them that they were grounded.

As you can see in pic above, I never got around to finishing the girls' paint in their room.  If you look closely, it'll be Disney's Tinkerbell color green.  I'm actually wanting to finish it badly but we weren't sure exactly what we were going to do.  I think I'll keep it. 


GiGi said...

Lol... the kids are so cute... I too am barefoot about 99% of the time. My kids as well. Bad habits die hard, especially when we are all outside riding bikes and playing in the street. We "represent" large

Chris H said...

I go around barefoot in the house too.. much to Teddy's delight! He love to lick toes!
It rains here too much sometimes. I'm glad you enjoyed your rain.

Virginia Revoir said...

Yeah, we never get rain! When it happens here it's actually a miracle. LOL. People are even scared to drive.

Barefoot and pregnant is how I usually home. Hopefully not for awhile! LOL