Friday, January 08, 2010

So, This Is Chaz

So, this is Chaz in the red shirt (above).  He is nine.

Chaz is homeschooled but he goes to a class once a week to do the extras such as music, PE, computer, etc.  The thing is that Chaz has Asperger Syndrome. He's a very difficult child for me and for his teachers.  I got a call today that he hit a kid.  Chaz very much acts very, very immature for his age.  How you would expect a four year old to act at times.  He has his good moments though.  Like when he's sleeping.  No, just kidding!  He does have his good times.  For the most part though he will get the whole family going.  The thing about Aspergers is that they can't keep their hands to themself.  They don't understand personal body space.  They don't always understand that if you want to make a friend that, no, you don't go up and hit them and say hello.  You just say hello.  Looking at the two last pictures I realized that you can see what I'm talking about.  He's constantly touching someone.  How you see him there, he is always at home.  I feel bad that he doesn't have any friends.  Thankfully, he has 5 other siblings because they put up with him and play with him.  He frustrates them an awful lot but they forgive him often.  I'm so baffled at times how to help Chaz.  Sometimes he tries my patience but I have to always remind myself that although he is different and very difficult, he is very precious to me and he does have a good Chaz of being successful and having good relationships.  Hopefully, as he grows older he'll mature more and learn how to respect other people and their feelings. They don't have much empathy but I sure have to help him learn it.  I love this kid like crazy.  If only I had all the answers.

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