Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Almost Finished Lunch!

This cartoon isn't completely off the mark, right? LOL.  My husband told me the only time I sit down is when I use the restroom.  Well, that is from having so much energy all the time!  Sometimes I don't sit down when I eat either but lately I've been trying to remind myself to.  A good way to assure that is have everyone eat in the formal dining area and then I HAVE to sit down.

Sunday was an excellent day in church.  I read 1 Corinthians 5 and it finally made sense to me about some things.  It's a pretty straightforward chapter in the Bible.  I love straight forward teaching that really digs deep. 

I have to mention that Switched On Schoolhouse is working out fantastic for Chaz!  He is loving his bible course he is taking.  I always want to sit with him while he is studying because I'm fascinated by some of the stuff he is learning. I already know the books of the bible by heart but gee... I never thought of Adam and Eve as the first farmers.  Good point.  See, I always knew farming was the way to go.  What am I doing in the city?  Sigh.  So, anway, that program is working out much better than I thought and Chaz is enjoying it himself. That is excellent for learning for sure.  What he was doing before was so boring that we would both fall out of our chair practically from falling asleep. It was also very unorganized and after I got administration to admit it, I knew it was time to switch.  SOS cost some but it's even more worth it if you have little ones underneath them that will be able to use that grade in the next few years coming up.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I'm so glad things are on an even keel right now!! ((Hug!))