Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prayer Wall

This is our updated version of our Prayer Wall. It's much bigger this year since I received more Christmas cards. Every year we take our Christmas cards sent to us and we cut out the pictures (after Christmas) and put them on this board. We always use it for prayer time at night with the kids so they have a visual of who they are praying for. It's pretty neat and the kids like picking people who they want to pray for that night. I never knew what to do with the card after Christmas so this was such a neat way to use them all year long!

The picture below is another wall of my family. Some of are of my kids and then my other nieces and nephews and one of my sisters. I keep this also in the kids room since my kids don't get to see their cousins very often. One of my sisters lives in South Africa and we only see them ever two years for a short visit.

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shannon said...

what a great way to keep the photos from Christmas cards with you year-round. Great idea-- we might have to try it next year.