Thursday, January 14, 2010

At The Zoo With Family

My sister and her family came down to visit for only 3 weeks from South Africa. We tried to cram in some time with them being they had so many people to visit and conferences to attend. We love, love, love the zoo! So we all met there for my sis' birthday and had so much fun running around. If anything, the zoo is a place where kids can be crazy and run their energy off! LOL.

Caleb, above, riding with me.  :D

My nephews in the red shirt with my own kids and my sister on the right.

This was so funny how he was hanging out here over the edge.  LOL.

My sister taking picture. ^

Such a beautiful picture! ^

My own boys with their cousin in red shirt and other cousin on far right. 

Kerrie, you're not the only one that takes a rest in the stroller!  Ha ha!


Chris H said...

What lovely photos.. again!
Poor Caleb having to share his stroller!

Daddy Forever said...

Must be nice to be able to go to the zoo this time of the year. It's too cold and wet over here.

momto9 said...

hey girl are you wearing any pants in that last picture????:):) You must be wearing something right?:)

Virginia Revoir said...

OMGosh, haha! Yes, I'm wearing pants! The shorts stop right around where my hand is and it's cream color. I think I should go edit the picture and some house show where the shorts end.