Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jasmine's Spot

You can hardly tell at all but if you look at the left chair you'll see a little black spot and that is Jasmine's chair. She always goes there to sleep. We might as well just add another chair and make her part of the family at dinner time. Actually, you might notice that the table is too small for my family. Being that we are waiting for our house, we cannot go and finance anything and they are watching everything (hi Lorraine, don't worry we're not buying anything) we do so the table we want is at a certain mall. It fits everyone. For now, at dinner time, we have to pull up a chair and put Ivy in her high chair to fit. Besides, the apartment we're living in is only 1000 sq feet so there is not much room. :P At night you'll always see candles burning in my house. Makes it feel so cozy and is very relaxing. There are ones on top of my piano right now. It reduces stress so well. :) Oh! Forgot to tell you. If you look to the right of the picture, you'll see our China cabinet that is actually from France. Well, if you look even closer you'll see a child lock on it. So funny. When you have kids, everone knows it because no matter how uncluttered you try to keep it, you'll see little hints. Such as a beautiful china cabinet from France with a plastic child safety lock on it. Hee, hee... Now that we have Jasmine, all we need now is a big labrador, a little dog for me, 2 birds, a hamster, and maybe some fish. Maybe I can keep the fish alive longer than a mont this time. That might even be a record.


Karianne said...

Jenny, Oh my word! My daughter is named Ivy as well and has the same boots! Small world...

How old is she? Mine just turned 3.

Thanks for your comments and advice on my blog. Can't wait to play some more.

Aleah said...

All I can think when I see your table with candles lit is.... ahhhh! Is this an everyday look? So clean! Good job!
Our table always has a superhero on it and is really scratched up from the kids (it's embarrasing!)