Saturday, November 18, 2006

Errands and more Errands!

Could there possibly be anymore errands than the ones we ran yesterday! Sheesh! Can you tell by looking at Charles that we've been in horrible traffic just trying to drive through the biltmore (one of our favorite places) and around the rest of the adjacent cities? Can you tell in the picture that I was not prepared to be going out in public looking like that? :x Oh man! Don't let your jaw drop but we were running errands for 7 hours. Yes, 7 hours. After that, we headed to bible study and since I forgot to change before hand I had to go into one of my favorite stores, Aeropostale, and buy a cute pink sweater (that goes so great with jeans).
See Ivy passed out in the backseat? Today we had more errands to run because we had to go buy Jasmine's little pink collar and get her a tag made that says her name and our number. Arrgh! Never mind that I got incredibly lost trying to get around the mountains so it took me a half hour to get only a few miles away. That was embarrassing to admit to my husband because I never get lost. Just everwhere I turn, there was a mountain. I was like, "Have mercy"!

You know, I look ghost white in that picture. That's what happens in the fall and winter time. Then when summer comes this kind of tan happens! I wish it would always stay like that. I hope I'm not blinding you in the picture above. You probably got a sunburn just looking at me. :P

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