Friday, November 10, 2006

Homemakers By Choice/Classroom

This is a little cute class I do. Actually, "my 5-6 year old boys" hadn't shown up yet. This is my son Kyle in my class before I took him next door to his own classroom. There are about 11 boys and 1 girl in my class. It's like teaching Sunday School for 3 hours. But we have breaks. Right now the playground is being rebuilt and made bigger so we can only go to the quad room to let them run around a bit. After that we do storytime and sing songs about Jesus. There is teaching and craft time. It's so much fun and I love to teach them! The thing is, it seems like all my life I've always watched boys! When I was younger, whenever I would babysit, it was always boys. It's funny how that seems to follow me through life. I even had 3 boys of my own before I had a girl. LOL! It almost seems like God was preparing me because just next door, the lady has a classroom of mostly girls. I wouldn't know how to be around all those girls. ((Chuckle))
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