Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I'm showing you this picture because this was taken on Mother's day in May. Charles had bought me this really nice dress that I really loved. Everyone else loved it too. Well, I went to try it on the other day but it was way too big! I was like, "oh no" one moment while saying "yes" the next. Although lately I've been happy about shedding all the pregnancy weight, I have some really nice clothes I can't wear anymore! Some of them are $80 jeans. Expensive skirts and dresses. Charles said, "Oh man, we gotta stop buying you clothes until after a year that you've had a baby. I know. I'm gonna make him go broke having to keep shopping for me while I'm "downsizing".
See how things have changed since six months ago in May! Click Here.
I always love looking back in my archives and seeing all the things that have changed. It's weird how much time flies when you're having fun.
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