Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daddy's Crazy Night

*This is a picture of my two older sisters and I. Aren't my sisters so cute?

Last night, while I was at the salon, Charles walked the kids around the mall. I only like a certain salon, even though they cost more, I don't have to worry about someone cutting too much hair off when I just ask them for a trim. Well, Charles came in to the salon after I was already seated and I was like, "look at my kids!" to the lady. Right then Ivy threw up all over herself in the stroller. Twice. Everyone saw it. That's happened to me other times. The timing is so odd. So Charles left to go clean her off in a bathroom somewhere and shortly I get a phone call from him on my cell. He's asking me if I can take a break to come rescue him so he doesn't start heaving also. I told him I couldn't but I told him the easiest way to wipe it all up. I was giggling because he was having such a hard time. Then Charles went to a store to buy her a new outfit and came back in to see me. She looked adorable with her new outfit and hat! So he left again with the kids and I got a call shortly after asking me if I had any diapers. I said that the disney diaper bag was in the van. I heard a big sigh. He just ends up asking a mom nearby for one so he wouldn't have to leave to get one. I'm giggling on the other end because I completely understood what he was going through! It was nice to not have to be the one to deal with it. Hee, hee... Then Charles found out that she just didn't have a messy diaper. It was diarreah so it messed up her new outfit a little. After he got her changed and set to go, she threw up again. By the time he came back, I was trying so hard not to smile. I know that sounds evil but I just couldn't help seeing the irony in it! As a mom, I completely understood how he felt. Oh man.... Hee, hee! Really, I shouldn't be laughing! Ummm... I just heard Ivy do something right now and then say "uh oh"... so that probably means I'd better go. Where's daddy when I need him? :)

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Aleah said...

Your story here made me laugh! I know exactly what your talking about! Oh boy what a day - poor guy! ; )

Happy Thanksgiving!