Monday, November 27, 2006

Black Friday

Oh gosh. I wasn't gonna share with you about what happened on "Black Friday" because I didn't want to seem like I was venting. But I think I'll go ahead and share it with you now that I've calmed down and I can see it with a little bit of humor. Maybe... Okay, first off, we had planned for awhile to hang out at our friends house. While the guys take a few of the kids, Michele and I were gonna go shopping at the mall for the day after Thanksgiving sales. After Charles and I drove a half hour to our friend's house (and Michele and her family), we find out that they had changed their minds and didn't want us girls there with our kids. Michele and I, in shock, got back in our vehicles (with our 7 kids) and drove to the mall. We were definitely bummed because even though it was gonna be a game day for the guys, it was also gonna be our fun day. I have to also mention that when we go to people's houses, we always clean up after our kids so that we don't leave toys everywhere. That's something I take pride in. So I knew that wasn't the problem. Anyhow, what's done is done. On the way to the mall, Ryan threw up all over himself and Michele found him some extra pants. We met at the mall and it was extremely crowded. I went into Guess first off to get my jacket, then headed to American Eagle for my husband's anniversary gift, then Windsor for my dresses. While I'm in Windsor trying on my anniversary dress (and the other is my Wedding Vow renewal dress), my poor friend is trying to keep all 7 kids together. She finally takes them to the play area by herself. Kyle and another kid got into a little fight at the same time that Ivy was escaping. I then hurt my foot so it was painful to walk. I don't know what happened to it. We go to the toy store and my friend turns her head for a second and doesn't see her little son walk out. It was soooo crowded in there, it was crazy. Security locates him in a Sprint store. He had wandered very far. My poor friend was crying she was so scared. We then decided to go to a McDonalds OUTSIDE the mall. She backs out in the parking lot and then a guy backs into her car so now she has a dent in it. We finally back our cars out of the crazy parking lot and somehow we lost each other. I drove and drove around the area but never found her. I finally just start driving from the mall and I spot her going the opposite direction as me. I do a quick u-turn and honk at her. We finally met up there and ate awhile. With 7 little kids, somehow all cups got completely spilt over and we were wondering if we should leave a tip the table area looked so bad!! LOL! We call the guys and ask them if they just want to meet us at Michele's house so we don't have to be banned any longer. They agree so they meet us their soon after. Once we arrive there, Ivy starts to get diarrhea and Chaz throws up 3 different times after that. Finally after we head out of there I was extremely exhausted and my foot was killing me! I can safely say that it was definitely Black Friday it was so crazy! LOL!

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Karianne said...

What a scary crazy day. I barely go to the grocery store with my two kids!

I also hurt my foot really badly a while back and couldn't figure out what happened. Turns out I stepped on a toy, hard, and bruised it. I step on them all the time that I had just put it out of my mind... It took almost a week of wrapping my foot with a bandage to make it feel better. Glad you were able to vent and hope that you feel better soon. And the kids as well.