Monday, November 13, 2006


Okay, can you believe my computer was down a little while ago so I couldn't share with you my Halloween. The church always puts on a big thing for the kids so we dress our kids up and take them to the party. Then we take Ivy to the nursery. From there everyone from church goes to Mill Ave where there are some pretty crazy things happening. First off, it's one huge party where people walk the streets in their costumes. Some are just nice cute ones and others will shock you. Well, we go as a church to share the gospel with people passing by us. I wish I had a picture of that for you. We preach and put on dramas. I witnessed to I don't know how many people. Lots! This guy kept yelling in my face but I just kept being kind to him the who night. Eventually he softened and told us that he wanted to know in the end how many people prayed with us. He left us alone after that. We stayed until about 11pm and left. So many people had prayed with someone by the nights end! Of course there were some shocking moments while we were there like a truck passing by hocking so that all the guys would look in time to see a girl lift up her shirt and flash them. But we knew what we were getting into and the whole point was to share Jesus with the them. We can't just expect people to walk into our church, but instead to bring it to them in the streets. We had a good night. Then we came back for the kids and saw their candy and goldfishes! Of course I dontated the gold fish to someone's fish tank because they kept dying. I had only one left and couldn't bear to see that one die also so I donated the little fella. : )
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